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Reviewed Date: 12/9/2006
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APEVIA 600W Dark Side Power-Black

Dark Side 600W
pcapex After having read some reviews by fellow staffers here at PimpRig and others across the internet of Aspire's line of products, I must say I was excited to be offered one of their latest power supplies to review. I am not sure exactly how long Aspire has been around, but lately their name has become much more recognizable as a player in the custom PC market. I was asked to do a review on one of their higher-end models, the ATX-AS600W-BL. Then I heard that these power supplies had a nickname... Dark Side! Now I am not the big Star Wars geek like you might think, but I must say the notion that the Pink Floyd gods were smiling down on me passed through my mind and brought a smile to my face. Considering I will eventually get around to doing a Dark Side of the Moon mod, this power supply - if it is up to the task - will end up in that particular case. But I digress, let's get on with business and the reason you are here.